Fight for Reproductive Justice

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ACTION: Protest Choice in Illinois!

Repeal Hyde Art Project – Create Your Own Installation!

“My Body, My Choice” by Ewelina Rusek

The hummingbirds symbolize the reproductive freedom that womyn should have. Womyn should be able to make their reproductive decisions without fear.

“Triggered” by Kimmy Camacho

This piece was inspired by the late artist Georgia O’Keeffe who often depicted vaginas to look like flowers in her paintings. This male is using a woman’s femininity against her, much like those (government or not) that don’t think that women are intelligent enough to control what they do with their bodies. Despite being shot, she still remains standing. Women are resilient and magnificent beings. Just like flowers, we are reborn again when the storm passes. We take up space. We will use the stems in our veins to bloom bigger and more powerful than ever. Our femininity is an essentially weapon, and I’d like to invite the audience to fight like a girl.

ARTivism at the LCC invites all creatives from the UIC campus and neighboring communities to participate by submitting their original activist work.*

*To submit your original activist artwork, please email Ana Ruiz, LCC Student Educator, at
Your artwork should reflect this question: How does your artwork communicate the urgency around your topic and/or your vision for social transformation?