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Heritage Garden Alumna Lucia Whalen Honors College Commencement Speech

During the Honors College December 2016 Graduation, Heritage Garden alumna Lucia Whalen highlights how the LCC and the Heritage Garden shaped her experience at UIC. Check out the video below:

December Graduation, 2016

Congratulations graduates of 2017!

Image of graduation cap

LCC student educator James Esparza gives a thumbs-up at his commencement ceremony

As the 2016/2017 school year comes to a close, the UIC Latino Cultural Center would like to congratulate all the students who have completed their studies, and look forward to exciting new adventures to come. From our LCC student workers (Sarita, Jocelyn, James, Alonzo) to the many students we collaborate with and engage with across campus, we appreciate the contributions you’ve made to this community, and can’t wait to see all the great things you’ll do from here. Come back to visit us!

Watch the graduation ceremonies here

Celebrating the Puerto Rican Community

Image of Pa'Lante Conference

This year on April 10-14, 2017, the Union for Puerto Rican Students held their 23rd Annual Pa’Lante Conference, centered around the theme of “Celebrating Chicago’s Puerto Rican Community and Scholarship”. As one of the week’s events, the LCC hosted a discussion about Puerto Rican Nationalism, which was led by Professor Jose Lopez and Dr. Margaret Powers. Dr. Powers went into depth about Oscar Lopez’s activism, the importance of cultural centers as gathering spaces and women’s role in leading movements. During the presentations, she discussed Lolita Lebron’s role in the Puerto Rican nationalism, even after she was incarcerated. We strongly encourage anyone that is interested in the history of Puerto Rico’s nationalist movements to come by the Latino Cultural Center to see symbols in the mural, explore the LCC archives, or contact the Union for Puerto Rican Students for more information.

MeSA’s Escucha Mi Grito Conference 2017

Image of 2017 Escucha Mi Grito conference

In an annual tradition, UIC student organization Mexican Students de Aztlan (MeSA) hosted a conference titled “Escucha Mi Grito” on Friday, March 17th. The closing of this year’s conference was a reception held at the Latino Cultural center that included visits from alumna of the organization, and concluded with a performance by a Mexican folk dancing ensemble.

Campus Conversation: Trump Administration and Immigration

Feb 1 Campus Conversations panel

On Wednesday, February 1st, members of the LCC attended the first Campus Conversation session of the semester. The Campus Conversation series, held by the UIC Office of Provost, is a year-long event split into two parts– a panel discussion or formal lecture on political, social, and economic topics, followed by an open forum about the topic 1-2 weeks later. This year’s series, “What’s Going On and Why: How Can We Imagine a More Just Future” discusses the possible future of our political system under the Trump administration and ways in which we can maintain peace within our country. The panel on February 1st was titled “What’s Going On and Why? A First Look at the Trump Administration: Immigration and Constitutional Law.” Professors Daniel Rodriquez and Erin Delaney of Northwestern Pritzker law school and professor Tom Ginsburg of the University of Chicago Law School discussed our constitutional democracy, immigration, and the Supreme Court. Within these topics, we learned about the possibility of the backslide of our democratic system into a more authoritarian regime, changing immigration laws, and the induction of new Supreme Court justices. The panel was followed by questions from the audience.


To watch a video of the discussion and learn about the next addition to the series, visit: