21st Century Chocolate Production

Chart showing global chocolate production percentages

Chocolate production chart

21st Century Chocolate Production

21st Century Chocolate Production

Map of Global Chocolate Trade
Red – Highest Import Countries, Yellow – Highest Export Countries
Lena G. Reynolds, 2015

Global Chocolate Production Chart
Source: The Guardian, 2015

This map shows countries producing and consuming chocolate around the world. Look for yellow pins to find where chocolate is grown and red pins for the biggest importers around the world. Look to the pie chart  to the right to see worldwide production percentages. Although chocolate has ancient roots in Mexico’s cooperatives and small farms, the country now produces less than 1% of the world’s chocolate, while nearly 70% comes from Africa. Chocolate consumption remains relatively low in many chocolate-growing countries in Asia and Africa.

What does that say about international corporate priorities when the people growing chocolate can’t even afford to eat any?

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  • 21st Century Chocolate Production

    21st Century Chocolate Production

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