Chocolate near UIC

Map of Hot Chocolate 5K

Hot Chocolate 5K

Image of Chocolate near UIC

Chocolate near UIC

Brach’s Chocolate Easter Bunny Box
Cardboard, ink; Chicago, USA
Ferrara Pan Candy Company, 2015

Fannie May Pixie package
Plastic; Ohio, USA
Fannie May, 2015

Hot Chocolate Run Route
Chicago, 2012

Many companies have roots near today’s UIC campus. Fannie May was founded in 1920, and quickly grew to have 47 locations by 1935. The Fannie May factory was just north of the highway at Jackson and Racine Streets until 2004 when they moved production to Ohio. Brach’s is part of the Ferrara Pan Candy Company, founded by Italian immigrant Salvatore Ferrara in 1908. The original manufacturing facility was near UIC’s west campus at 220 W. Taylor Street. They moved production west to Forest Park in 1919, where all sorts of candy is still produced today. The yearly hot chocolate run also runs right past the UIC campus!

  • Map of Chicago's Chocolate Production

    Map of Chicago's Chocolate Production

  • Image of Chicago's Youngest Candy Workers

    Chicago's Youngest Candy Workers

  • Image of Milky Way Box

    Milky Way Box

  • Image of Chocolate Cookbook

    Chocolate Cookbook

  • Image of Chocolate Spoon

    Chocolate Spoon

  • Image of Molinillo


  • Image of Frango Mint Box

    Frango Mint Box

  • Image of Chocolate near UIC

    Chocolate near UIC

  • Image of Choco-Stories 3

    Choco-Stories in Chicago

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