Map of Chicago’s chocolate production

Map of Chicago's Chocolate Production

Map of Chicago’s Chocolate Production

Map of Chicago’s chocolate production
Paper, Ink; Chicago, USA
Lena G. Reynolds & Google Maps, 2015

Did you know Chicago was once the candy capital of the U.S.? Local chocolate production started the same year the city was founded in 1837, and peaked in the 1960s, producing more than double the next national competitor, New York. Over 100 companies employed more than 25,000 Chicagoans producing sweet treats sent across the country. Some of these famous brands include Tootsie Rolls, Milky Way, M&Ms, Whoppers, Baby Ruth, Frango, and Fannie May. Although much of this industry has dispersed in the last few decades, there are still thousands working at local candy businesses like Blommers, World’s Finest, and Margie’s Candies. By giving these local companies your business, you can help support local candy producers and the Chicagoans they employ. This is important because most of the chocolate we consume isn’t local, fair trade, or organic. If you have a favorite candy company, encourage them to become more culturally and environmentally sustainable!

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  • Map of Chicago's Chocolate Production

    Map of Chicago's Chocolate Production

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