Global Chocolate

Image of Global Chocolate

Global Chocolate

Forteza, Cuba; Mayordomo, Mexico
Cadbury, UK; Kabaya, Japan

This display highlights just a few of the chocolates that can be found around the world. From Cuba to Japan, Mexico to England, chocolate has been embraced by many cultures. Have you eaten chocolate on any world travels?

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  • Image of Hot Chocolate Mug

    Hot Chocolate Mug

  • Image of Pop Culture Chocolate

    Pop Culture Chocolate

  • Image of Chocolate in Literature

    Chocolate in Literature

  • Image of Moonstruck Chocolate Box

    Moonstruck Chocolate Box

  • Image of Global Chocolate

    Global Chocolate

  • Image of Abuelita and Ibarra

    Abuelita and Ibarra boxes

  • Image of labor and income graphics

    Labor and Income Distribution Graphics

  • Image of Fair Trade Chocolate

    Fair Trade Chocolate

  • Image of Sustainable Chocolate

    Sustainable Chocolate

  • Image of Choco-Stories 4

    Choco-Stories Today and Tomorrow






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