Choco-Story: Chocolate Mug

Image of Hot Chocolate Mug

Hot Chocolate Mug

Chocolate Mug
Ceramic; Chicago, USA
Edith Tovar, 1980

My grandmother would make delicious hot chocolate or atole de elote (corn gruel) when we came to visit. She would serve our drinks in these small ceramic mugs that she only used on special occasions. She currently lives in Acatempan, Guerrero, Mexico; one of the many dangerous towns that is being ravaged by violence.  Due to the increased violence, she does not allow us to visit her. It’s been 8 years since any family member living in the U.S has visited her, including myself. It’s not the actual object that’s special but how it allows me to reminisce on simpler times when it was “easy” to visit my grandmother.

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