Choco-Story: Moonstruck Box

Image of Moonstruck Chocolate Box

Moonstruck Chocolate Box

Moonstruck chocolate box
Lena & Owen Guerrero Reynolds

A few years ago, my brother moved to Nicaragua to join the Peace Corps. Growing up in Chicago, we loved fall, a time when leaves fell, pumpkin soup was plentiful, and you could bust out the hot cocoa again on chilly nights. Moving to the rainforests of Central America, I knew he’d miss the sights and smells of fall. I was working at a chocolate shop/café at the time in Urbana, IL where we sold chocolate truffles. I collected a box of the best I could think to represent the nostalgia of the season: nutmeg and cloves, leaf shapes and pumpkins. He loved the chocolates, and saved that box. He also ended up falling in love with Nicaraguan-style chocolate, including their national drink, Pinolillo. Not long after the economic crash, Moonstruck Chocolate shut down their Midwest locations, and now it can only be found in Seattle. So boxes like this are probably pretty rare around here these days, and none have a story quite like ours!

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