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Source: USDA Organic Agriculture
Source: Rainforest Alliance 


Khuno, the god of storms, destroyed a village with torrential rain and hail because he was angry at the people for having set fire to the forest to clear and for their crops. After the storm, the people found a plant. This was the beginning of the use of cacao. – Peruvian myth

Cacao depends on the rainforest, one of the regions most hurt by human development and climate change. Look for the Rainforest Alliance logo on chocolate and many other products to ensure your purchase supports the whole rainforest ecosystem. The Organic logo is another symbol for the environmentally conscious consumer. Non-organic chocolate has the second highest use of pesticides after cotton, so organic chocolate is a great alternative to make sure you’re not consuming these chemicals. Sustainability isn’t only linked to the chocolate bar itself, but can also extend to the wrapper. The HNINA package has been internationally renowned for producing their chocolate boxes entirely by wind-power out of 100% biodegradable recycled materials. Look for sustainable products like these to ensure future generations can enjoy chocolate too!

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