Theobroma Cacao Tree Replica

Cacao trees in the rainforest<br /> Source:

Cacao trees in the rainforest

Image of Theobroma Tree Replica

Theobroma Tree Replica

Theobroma Cacao Tree Replica
Paper Mache; Chicago, USA
LCC Staff, 2015

Cacao Trees in the Rainforest

This replica was made by students at the UIC Latino Cultural Center out of recycled materials, but real cacao trees can grow up to 40 feet tall! The Theobroma (“Food of the Gods”) cacao tree is originally from the rainforests of Central and South America, where shade, heat, and humidity are essential for this sensitive species. Tiny midge flies pollinate the tree’s white flowers, which then fruit into large multicolored cacao pods.

Today, chocolate sales expand around the world, but the areas it can grow are actually shrinking. Climate change and devastating deforestation are threatening the future of the cacao plant, along with many other essential products from the rainforest. This important ecosystem is the source of 80% of foods used by the developed world, from avocados to essential medicines. Be mindful buying tropical resources to help protect the rainforest for future generations.

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