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The UIC Latino Cultural Center is leading an Arts-Based Civic Dialogues (ABC Dialogues) and Tours Initiative using the power of art to collectively explore creative solutions for common challenges. Public art allows for a diversity of people to share their stories, concerns, and desires; and the LCC’s muralEl Despertar de las Américas (The Awakening of the Americas)—is a tool for doing this. These tours and dialogues are open to groups including UIC classes, high school students, and adult community members. Each program can be tailored to class topics or group interests as needed, and are available year-round. The following are options that you can choose from:

  • Migration and Immigration – For groups as large as 25-30 participants, for 50, 75, or 90 minutes. Using art and storytelling, participants explore this contentious national issue, recognizing how it connects to each of us, from recent arrivals to long-time Chicagoans, expanding our understanding of different points of view.
  • Environmental & Climate Justice – For groups as large as 25-30 participants for 50, 75, or 90 minutes. Using artifacts to symbolize cultural practices, participants explore diverse solutions to environmental and climate change challenges.
  • LCC Mural Tours – For groups as large as 40 participants for 50 minutes. This program serves to introduce the LCC mural to visitors, intertwining artistic interpretation with historic tales of our campus community.

Seasonal Tours

These tours are offered June through October to groups including UIC classes, high school students, and adult community groups. Group coordinators must contact the LCC to reserve a tour.

  • Heritage Garden Tours – The Heritage Garden is a hands-on learning project facilitated by the seven campus cultural centers, sponsored by the UIC sustainability fee. Join the student gardeners on this exploration of the eight satellite gardens, learning diverse cultural stories, linking environmental and social justice issues.
  • Social & Environmental Pollinators Tours – This artistic series of ten urns was painted in the fall of 2016 as part of the LCC’s 40th anniversary celebration. Each artist brought a unique perspective, linking environmental imagery with social and cultural themes in a vibrant garden space. Learn about the urns, and activate your potential as a social pollinator, as an extension of your LCC or Heritage Garden tour.

Open Public Dialogues

These ABC Dialogues focus on a particular issue and are open to individuals to attend, including UIC students/classes, high school students, and adult community members. Call the LCC if you are planning to bring a group of 10 or more.

Dialogue Guides for Museums, Cultural Centers, and Historic Sites

These guides have been created out of LCC initiatives in order to help inspire other cultural sites to address challenging contemporary issues with their communities through dialogue.

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