From Flint: Voices of a Poisoned City

Image of From Flint discussion

On Wednesday, April 19th, the LCC hosted a screening of the documentary “From Flint: Voices of a Poisoned City” as part of our Earth Week celebration. The documentary contained interviews with residents of Flint, Michigan, detailing their experiences with the Flint water contamination crisis. Attendees watched as Flint residents struggled to provide clean water for themselves and their families while courageously uniting to stand up for their community and demand accountability from government officials. The film was followed by a discussion facilitated by UIC professor Rachel Havrelock, in which we discussed the various causes of the Flint water contamination and possible solutions.

To learn more about water issues in the midwest, check out the Untroubling the Waters conference this May at UIC

Arab American Cultural Center opens!

Image of Graduation celebration

As the first of its kind in the midwest, the Arab American Cultural Center officially opened this semester, joining the Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change as the seventh center on campus. The ArabAmCC can be found on the first floor of Stevenson Hall, and provides space for students to study, gather, and host events, in addition to some computer space and program offerings. The other CCUSC centers have long supported the idea of opening a new space, and LCC director Rosa Cabrera was on the organizing committee early in the process, understanding the need for support as these students face unique challenges on campus and beyond, particularly in the recent political climate. The new center hosted their first annual graduation celebration this week in Student Center East, as an opportunity for diverse students to celebrate their achievements with family and friends, music and food!

Check out the ArabAmCC’s new website here, or read all about the opening in UIC news here

Restoration and Maintenance Noche

Image of Restoration Noche

On April 13, 2017, UIC students organized their monthly Noche de Poetas program at the UIC Latino Cultural Center with the theme of Restoration and Maintenance. Guest speakers included Manar Dagash and Eduardo Arocho, and the students in attendance were able to listen to others and explore new ways of being agents of social change. In addition, how students may feel united to the communities on UIC’s campus. Some of the performers were able talk about some ways they would be able to use their talents and attributes to work towards visions of Social Change.

Find more information about the speakers here

A Journey Through Time with Tango

Tango originated in Buenos Aires where with the incorporation of music of black slaves, European immigrants and “gauchos.” On April 6, Argentine guitarist and composer Hernán Reinaudo highlighted some of the most important moments in Argentina with the history of tango. He also demonstrated the change in tempo throughout the decades to the audience and ended the concert with a taste of contemporary tango. Reinaudo has worked on more than 25 album productions, has travel and give concerts, workshops and classes about Argentine Tango to draw a connection with music and history. Click here to listen to some of his work.

CCUSC and Free Speech

Free Speech Panel image

On April 6, 2017, the UIC provost’s Campus Conversations took on the challenging topic of Free Speech in light of the recent discriminatory flyers on campus. Several directors of the Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change were invited to join a panel with a representative from the UIC Hillel, and a law professor from the Illinois Institute of Technology. CCUSC directors recounted situations in the past where hate speech has come to campus, and the various ways students, faculty, and staff have responded with messages of affirmation and unity in the face of discrimination, as a reminder to all at the UIC community to speak up in response to hate speech on campus and beyond. As Provost Poser noted, “The time is right, here at UIC, to engage in this discussion about these issues with the goal of respecting the free and open exchange of ideas, while maintaining the diverse and inclusive community that UIC prides itself on. And this is no small task.”

Check out these links to find out more about the flyers, to find the CCUSC response, and to find out more about Free Speech in the US. Find the video of this panel discussion and other campus conversations from throughout the schoolyear here.