Telling Our Stories

We are collecting stories about universal concerns that people have around the world. You can select from a number of topics and write how you and/or your family deal with this concern.


Select from the topics below to read our stories. To submit your own story, click on the link below: 

Tell us your story in 300 words or less.



Honoring the Dead

How do you and or your family celebrate and honor departed loved ones? What kind of rituals do you do? How have these rituals changed overtime?

Love and Peace

What does love mean to you? Who or what do you love and how do you show your love and care?

Passing Down Family Recipes

Do you have a favorite family recipe that you can share? Do older generations in your family cook with recipes? If not, how are these recipes being pass down to younger generations? What has been some of the changes to the recipe that you are sharing?

Migration & Transformation*

How does it feel when you've moved from the neighborhood that was familiar to you or the country where you grew up? What were some of the challenges that you confronted in this new place? What or who helped you adapt to this new place? 

*Migration & Transformation is a project of the Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change that highlights the different migration experiences of people living in the U.S. and how this shapes their identities and sense of belonging in our society.

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