Monthly archives: April, 2014

Dream Nine: Lulú in Detention

Maria Hinojosa interviews Lulú Martínez, one of the Dream Nine undocumented activists voluntarily detained after re-entering the US from Mexico in 2013. The young Chicana activist talks about her two weeks in a detention center, her activism and the meaning of citizenship.

Dad to Daughter

StoryCorps Chicago: Immigrant father describes migrating from Guatemala to the United States.

Fashion Revolution Victory at UIC!

After over 7+ months of organizing, the UIC Students Against Sweatshops – Local 15 have finally managed to get the university to cut its apparel contracts with JanSport / VF Corporation and a dozen other companies over their refusal to sign the Accord on Fire/Building Safety in Bangladesh.

Listen to UIC student Martín Macías and other community activists to learn how you can support campaigns for better working conditions. Vote with the power of your dollar and support sweat-free companies like Alta Gracia!

Sustainability Across the Globe

Cover Photo for 2013 Higher Education Sustainability Review

Summer 2013 Interns (Left to Right): Lulú Martínez, Victoria McClain, and Razan Abu-Hashish.

This year’s Higher Education Sustainability Review highlights the achievements of more than 60 institutions across the globe. You’ll find inspiring examples of regional and global partnerships for sustainability, student-led fossil fuel divestment campaigns, diversity and inclusion initiatives, climate solutions, and much more.

In this year’s review,  the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) also address three themes that came out of the AASHE 2013 Listening Project in reference to how AASHE can best steward the movement: engagement and community building, solutions-based thought leadership, and up-to-date responsive resources.

The UIC Heritage Garden made the cover and pages 24/25 of the 2013 Higher Education Sustainability Review [PDF].

Citizenship, Immigration & Belonging: a conversation with Lulú Martínez

Lulú Martinez is a 2013 “Chicagoan of the Year,” an immigration reform activist, one of the Dream 9, and a student at UIC. Maria Hinojosa and Lulú had an in-depth conversation about citizenship, belonging, courage, activism, and leadership.