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UIC is Closer to Becoming a Hispanic-Serving Institution!

Photo Image of high school students at the LCC

This fall, the UIC Latino student population increased to 26.4 percent, qualifying the university to seek Hispanic-Serving Institution designation. According to UIC News, Dr.Tyrone Forman, Vice Provost for Diversity stated, “It’s an important milestone in that we’re providing access for a large number of Latino students in the Chicago metro area to get a higher education degree. But more important than being designated as a Hispanic-Serving Institution is that we make sure we support the students once they’re here.” Hispanic-serving Institutions are eligible to receive valuable resources such as federal grants for student support services, teaching equipment, construction or renovation of instructional facilities, faculty development, tutoring and counseling and other academic offerings.

Calling All Chocolate Lovers!

Photo Image for Chocolate seriesSpotlight Image for Chocolate: Drink of Gods, Food of Mortals

The LCC is excited to introduce “Chocolate: Drink of Gods, Food of Mortals,” which is a series presented by the LCC in partnership with the Department of Anthropology, Latin American and Latino Studies Program, and National Museum of Mexican Art.

This project will explore the origins of chocolate in Latin America and its global impact through a series of public presentations by humanities scholars, artists, and community experts through this Fall 2014 and Spring 2015.

So Why Chocolate?

What began as the favorite drink for the Maya and later the Aztecs and Europeans is now a popular and global commodity. The topic of cacao presents a unique opportunity to explore the relationship between culture, memory, food, and identity—from ancient Mesoamerica to the present—as a globally coveted indulgence!

See all public programs on chocolate…



Flight of the Butterflies

Thank you National Immigrant Justice Center for delivering drawings and letters of support to the Karnes Family Detention Center in Texas! These butterflies were delivered to the children and families that are currently being detained there. We hope they feel the love and support all of the way from Illinois! To learn more, see Stop Detaining Families.

Photo Image of butterfly drawings


Get Involved with Student Organizations!

Photo collage of student organizations

This week, the LCC sponsored an open house event for affiliated student organizations. It was a great opportunity for UIC students to learn about different organizations’ mission, upcoming events, and student services. Everyone left with bellies full of delicious snacks and hands full of pamphlets and information!

CCUSC at Involvement Fair

Photograph of Jocelyn, Moises, and Natalie

Each fall semester, Campus Programs hosts a kick-off Involvement Fair for students to get informed about the various ways to engage with the UIC community. With this year’s successful turnout of over 200 student organizations, campus departments, and neighboring businesses, it was an amazing opportunity to learn a lot about what the UIC Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change (CCUSC) have to offer.

Photograph (left to right): Jocelyn Munguía (UIC student), Moises Villada (Assistant Director at the Gender & Sexuality Center), and Natalie Cruz (UIC student).