Monthly archives: January, 2015

Cracking the Maya Code


On January 28th, Professor Joel Palka—along with graduate students Madeleine Halac-Higashimori, Caleb Kestle, and James Meierhoff—captivated students with an interactive presentation and workshop on Maya hieroglyphs. Attendees learned how to read and identify the kakaw (cacao) glyph in ancient Maya painted texts.

If you missed this public program, watch this video on PBS: Cracking the Maya Code or check out the Maya vessel “Vase of the Seven Gods” at The Art Institute of Chicago.


Spotlight Image for Student Orgs' Open House

The LCC welcomed over 100 students, faculty, and staff to their semi-annual open house for student organizations that collaborate with the center. Guests had an opportunity to learn about different student organizations on campus, their upcoming events, and student services available.

If you missed your chance to meet student org. leaders, don’t worry! Visit the LCC website under ‘Resources’ to get a complete list of affiliated student organizations.

Their Place in the Sun

Spotlight Image for the UIC Heritage Garden Performance

AtLAS is the newsletter of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Illinois Chicago. AtLAS celebrates the LAS community by publishing news and feature articles about the scholarly work and accomplishments of its faculty, alumni and students, and promoting the work and programs of academic units of the college.

The UIC Heritage Garden made the AtLas Winter 2014-2015 Edition in the article Their Place in the Sun.

Spring 2015 Open House

Spotlight Image for Spring 2015 Open House

On January 14th, UIC students, faculty and staff visited the LCC to learn about the history of the cultural center, upcoming public programs, the Heritage Garden Internship Program, and our Arts-Based Civic Dialogues. Participants also had the opportunity to share stories about universal concerns that people have around the world. If you missed our Open House and would like to participate, come to the LCC to pick up a postcard or share a story!