Monthly archives: March, 2015

Mariachi Fuego on Campus!

Spotlight Image for Week 10 - Spring 2015

On Wednesday, March 18th, the LCC hosted Mariachi Fuego, the first-ever musical ensemble at UIC dedicated to the performance of mariachi music. Music has historically served as a means for educating, storytelling, and archiving. In Mexico, mariachi has traditionally served as a vehicle for national identity. Music serves as a tool for people to recount their histories and build a sense of community and cultural identity. Likewise, traditional mariachi and the new Mariachi Fuego on campus, are one of many examples that illustrate Mexico’s rich and diverse cultural heritages through the arts!

If you missed this performance or would like to get involved, please contact the Visiting Instructor/String Orchestra Director & founder of Mariachi Fuego, Javier José Mendoza, at the UIC School of Theatre & Music. The ensemble is open to all UIC students regardless of major.

Fearless Womyn Fight for 15

Spotlight for Week 9 - Spring 2015

On Thursday, March 12th, the Latino Cultural Center hosted its second Noche de Poetas (Poetry Night) of the Spring 2015 semester. We celebrated International Women’s Day in collaboration with our community partner: the Fight For 15 campaign. The night was full of emotionally charged stories and performances. The featured poet, a brave and inspirational womyn—Sonia Acuña—shared her story, struggles, and motivation to organize with the Fight For 15 campaign.

Many other womyn just like Sonia are fighting for fair wages and the right to form a union without retaliation in order to support their families and to cover basic needs like food, health care, rent and transportation. We want to recognize these fearless womyn!

Continue to the Fight for $15 homepage!

Chocolate Shortage

Spotlight for Week 8 - Spring 2015

On Thursday, March 5th, Ruth Lopez—author of Chocolate: The Nature of Indulgence—provided students with an overview of the issues affecting the cacao tree, and stressed the importance of sustainable farming practices to secure the future of chocolate.

However, the world is running low on chocolate, and a scientist in Ecuador has come up with a solution! But if you love chocolate, you might not like it.

Listen to NPR’s Planet Money story: Ecuador’s Answer To The Global Cocoa Shortage.

Also, to learn more about the controversial new breed of cacao – CCN 51 , check out the The Wall Street Journal’s Markets article: A Sour Bean Sweetens Cocoa Supply.