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¡Felicidades Maestro Duarte!

On Thursday, May 21st, the Chicago Cultural Alliance hosted the sixth annual Mosaic: Celebrating Chicago’s Families at the National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture. This year’s event celebrated the Alliance’s upcoming exhibit Chicago’s Families that will be a one-of-a-kind showcase of the rich diversity of families in Chicago! At Mosaic, the Alliance honored two Outstanding Community Leaders: Hector Duarte and Maria Ciesla.

The UIC Latino Cultural Center is a partner institution of the Chicago Cultural Alliance and a collaborating partner for the opening reception of Im/Migration, one of the six exhibits of Chicago’s Families, located at Casa Michoacán, 1638 S. Blue Island Ave. This exhibit will explore the migrant journey through art and storytelling with over 20 family stories featured, bringing to life the vivid memories, hardships, and conflicting views of identity in relation to the American Dream and border crossing experiences. Works by renowned mural artist Hector Duarte will also be on display along with personal objects donated by community members.

Don’t miss the Opening Reception: Im/Migration!

LALS 286: Issues in Latino Identity — Research Projects

Photo Image of Clothes On The Go truck

A project from the Latin American and Latino Studies (LALS) 286 Course — Spring 2015 Finals

From a “trunk on wheels” to an environmentally-conscious magazine—UIC students from Rosa M. Cabrera’s class presented their group research projects to make the connection between Latinos’ cultural practices and environmental sustainability. The “Clothes On The Go” proposal was inspired by the tradition of passing down gently used clothes from one person to the next within the family, either locally or across borders. By promoting the idea “resuse vs. replace,” Clothes On The Go could become the new face of accessible and convenient thrift stores in Latino communities across the Chicagoland area. Another ecstatic group presented their research findings and solutions by compiling articles addressing: “The Latino Contribution Narrative: How Are Latinos Eco-Friendly?” See more at LATINO TIMES [PDF].

For Sale at the UIC Bookstore at Student Center East!

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T-Shirts to benefit the LALS Student Scholarship Fund

The Latin American and Latino Studies (LALS) Program offers an interdisciplinary perspective on the study of both Latin Americans and Latinos in a global context. The program trains students to reflect on important social and cultural issues such as globalization, immigration, development, belonging, citizenship, and inequality. Students develop critical thinking skills through a rigorous and transnational curriculum that integrates the humanities and social sciences in unique and original ways.

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