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Transforming America’s Communities through the Arts

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Rosa M. Cabrera, LCC Director, wrote the essay “Arts, Political Activation, & Immigration,” which was recently published in the book Arts & America: Arts, Culture and the Future of America’s Communities. Her essay takes a look at the political agency and mobilization of undocumented youth in the immigration movement with some Chicago-based examples and stories. Learn about how young activists are giving greater substance to the meaning of democracy through their political actions and reshaping what it means to be American.

What are Presencias Michoacánas?

“One of the most important activities of the Federation of Michoacan Clubs in Illinois (FEDECMI) / House Michoacan in the Midwest of the United States is holding the “presence Michoacana” which is held annually in May and June (May 21-June 28) in order to share and promote the cultural, artistic and tourist Michoacan with the general population, while strengthening the emotional and cultural ties of Michoacan residing in the Midwest, United.” Read more…

What does culture got to do with climate change?

Spotlight for What does culture got to do with climate change?

We’re very excited and thrilled to have been awarded a grant from the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience for a dialogue project: What does culture got to do with climate change? For the next year we will be partnering with Casa Michoacán and conducting public dialogues that will be connecting climate change as a social justice issue with local communities.