Monthly archives: October, 2015

Open Sesame!

Circle of students discuss screening

Circle of students discuss screening

On October 15th we had a screening of Open Sesame: The Story of Seeds in collaboration with the Heritage Garden. Afterwards we gathered for a conversation moderated by the multi-talented storyteller and farmer Stephanie Douglass. She shared her experiences working for Growing Home and some helpful insights on how and where our food grows in the Midwest! Check out the Heritage Garden site to learn more about their work.


First Generation Latina/o Journeys

Image of student panelists on stage

Roxana Delgado (Left) – Ruben Bautista (Middle) – Gabriela Reno (Right)

On October 1st we met 3 UIC Latina/o students whose dreams to travel abroad were fulfilled. Through conversation and a short Q&A we learned about the hurdles they faced, how they handled cultural challenges, and helpful tips on financing their education.

  • Learn more about studying abroad here.

How To Reduce Your Water Footprint

On October 2012, the LCC banned bottled water in the Gallery and its facilities. Three years later, and we’re still advocating for access to clean drinking water as a fundamental human right. Banning bottled water from everyday life is an easy resolution and can have enormous positive impacts on our health and the environment, especially when people spread the message to others. Help us de-privatize clean water and contribute to a greener campus and city.

Eating local saves water, but might not be possible 100% of the time for everyone in the U.S., with seasonal vegetables and the need to import things like bananas and coffee. However, almost everyone can reduce their water footprint by drinking local. Here are some tips on how to reduce your bottled water footprint.

Reduce Your Water Footprint by Wheels For Wishes