Monthly archives: January, 2016

This is what community looks like when students unite


On January 27th the Latino Cultural Center gave diverse students the opportunity to learn about some of the student organizations and resources available on campus—from Greek fraternities and sororities to volunteer and social justice groups. While many of the student organizations affiliated with the LCC range in various areas of interest, the LCC strives to introduce, unify and create stronger bonds among UIC students to promote cultural understanding for positive social change.

Getting Latino Millennials to the Poll

Debbie Patiño, recent UIC graduate and an advocate for immigrant rights, shares her thoughts on issues impacting Latinos as emerging voters (listen at 35:49). Debbie is currently collaborating with the LCC and the Fearless Undocumented Alliance student group on campus to support the Student ACCESS Bill and upcoming Artist in Residence with Hector Duarte.

Making “East LA Interchange” Accessible for All Audiences

Betsy Kalin—Producer of "East LA Interchange" facilitating a discussion with UIC students after the screening.

Betsy Kalin—Producer of “East LA Interchange” facilitating a discussion with UIC students after the screening.

On January 14th, the LCC featured its first Civic Cinema public program—East LA Interchange—of the Spring 2016 semester. UIC students were able to learn about challenges in East Los Angeles—from environmental pollution, industrialization, development and gentrification—and connect them to urban issues in our very own communities of Chicago.

Bluewater Media is currently fundraising for subtitling East LA Interchange into Spanish so it can screen in Boyle Heights and be accessible to everyone in the community. They’re also fundraising for Closed Captioning for deaf, hard of hearing and ESL audiences, and developing their educational and outreach materials and campaign for the film. If you have any suggestions for funders who would like to partner with Bluewater Media to bring this film into diverse communities, please contact them or make a tax-deductible contribution for this important work.

  • “The history of Boyle Heights is an example of the promise—and peril—of American progress. In her great new documentary East LA Interchange filmmaker Betsy Kalin whisks us through this fascinating past.” – Amy Nicholson, LA Weekly
  • East LA Interchange is a funny, insightful and poignant documentary that will transform how you think about living in the United States today.” – Ira Israel, The Huffington Post