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Reimagining Masculinities for a Safer Campus

Image for Bow-Tie-Making Workshop-Fall-2016-Kickoff

On September 27, 2016, the UIC Latino Cultural Center kicked off the third year of  Reimagining Masculinities with a Bow Tie Making Workshop where participants customized handmade bow ties with stained fabric markers. The bow tie is a symbol for this dialogue initiative, which strives to unpack toxic masculinities in our society. This initiative will continue throughout the year in collaboration with all seven Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change to provide a safe space in which students can share their experiences and ideas.

UIC Open House 2016

James Esparza Leading a Tour - UIC Open House 2016

James Esparza, LCC Student Educator, leading a tour.

Open House 2016 was an all-access pass to University of Illinois at Chicago for prospective students interested in exposing themselves to the UIC experience, and for a nostalgic alum or a friendly neighbor. During the Open House, the Latino Cultural Center (LCC) invited guests to an indoor and outdoor mural tour of the 40 year old center and related contemporary social justice issues to the rich history of the site.

“We are Earth and Earth with Fire makes Stone: Ayotzinapa lives, the struggle continues!!”

In memory of Ayotzinapa (almost two years later), artist and sculptor Alfonso “Piloto” Nieves Ruiz created the following art installation—installed by the north wall of Lecture Center B for the LCC’s 40th anniversary celebration on September 14 & 15, 2016:

Image for Piloto's Ayotzinapa Installation

“The parents and the community continue to hope for the return of the 43 students because, in the absence of authoritative proof to the contrary, they remain alive. In response to the Mexican State’s crime, I decided to create a representation of the 43 students in clay. We are all part of this Earth, and when you set fire to Earth it becomes rock. Now it is for the Mexican State to carry this great weight…The students remind us that we are all responsible—in some way—for what happens around us. We are all connected in one way or another, because we are part of the Earth, the universe, everything.” – Piloto

Honoring 40 Years of Art, Culture, and Social change!

Celebrating 40 Years (1976-2016) – Check out the official poster or read more about the 40th anniversary celebration at UIC News! #lcc40