Monthly archives: November, 2016

We Want Your Sex Trash! [No Biohazards]

Drop off your sex trash at the LCC! This includes old birth control packets, STI medication packaging, Plan B packaging, empty condom wrappers, etc.

Photo Image for Old Birth Control Pills Packaging

With the recent election, the status of Planned Parenthood (PP) is at greater risk than ever before. This past month, the Save Sex project by UIC students from Museum & Exhibition Studies (AH 302) has been collecting stories and items related to sexual health. Come share your experiences in an open dialogue on Wednesday, November 30th from 2-3:30PM at the LCC. This dialogue will explore what PP is, and introduce the issue of what reproductive justice means to different communities. #StandWithPP #100YearsStrong #SaveSex

Solidarity, Love and Resistance

Spotlight Photo for Student Walk-Out, Trump Protest

After the results of Presidential election, many students were left distraught about the results, and therefore began to organize within the university to empower students that have felt marginalized by Trump’s rhetoric. Students, faculty and staff decided to walk out on November 15th to the UIC Quad to participate in a rally, in which students from various identities spoke about the importance of solidarity, resistance and mobilization. With colorful posters and continuous chants of solidarity, students were given the space to properly grieve and prepare for this new administration.

Reaffirming Safe and Brave Spaces at UIC

PNG logo for CCUSC

November 15, 2016

The Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change at the University of Illinois-Chicago are committed to social change grounded in the principles of inclusion, access, and equity.

The Centers vehemently reject racism, xenophobia, misogyny and other expressions of bigotry and discrimination – expressions that unfortunately are not new, but have recently resurfaced in public threats and acts of violence across the country and are in opposition to our campus and community values.

In the aftermath of the highly charged and divisive 2016 presidential campaign and election, we reaffirm our collective purpose: to expand understanding of the value of cultural diversity, connect diverse assets to find creative solutions for common challenges on our campus and extended communities, and promote cultural understanding that leads to social change.

The Centers remain vigilant, steadfast and unified as safe and brave spaces for our students and the broader campus community. We affirm that we are here and are full of people gathering together under the umbrella of our diverse legacies of struggle and resistance, to reject violence and hatred. Our doors are open for coming together, holding up one another, and realizing the values of respect, social justice, belonging, safety, dignity and love.

If you need immediate support, please reach out to us. If we don’t have the information or resources required, we can direct you to an appropriate source of support.

The Centers will continue to draw upon our expertise in scholarship and practice to share and mobilize the stories and experiences of members of our diverse communities to create an environment where all people are welcomed in their identities, valued for their contributions, and feel their identities can be openly expressed.

In Solidarity,

African-American Cultural Center
Arab American Cultural Center
Asian American Resource and Cultural Center
Disability Resource Center
Gender & Sexuality Center
Rafael Cintrón Ortiz Latino Cultural Center
Women’s Leadership and Resource Center

The ACCESS March to Gov. Rauner

Spotlight Image for The ACCESS March to Gov. Rauner

November 11th of 2016, a year after the iconic ACCESS Bill Launch at UIC brought a large turnout to support the bill. High school students and many other organizations across the city joined together to call a press conference, urging Governor Rauner and state legislators to vote “yes” on SB 2196 (Student ACCESS Bill), which is passing through the House of Representatives this coming session. The march was led from the Chicago Temple Church to the governor’s office at the Thompson Center downtown, with the purpose of delivering a petition to Governor Rauner and members of the Illinois General Assembly, asking to support the Student ACCESS Bill. However, things have changed in the coming weeks as more political and racial tensions raise due to the presidential elections.

Student collaborators of the bill have decided that unity among races must be pushed more than ever and have decided that the Student ACCESS Bill will now include non-violent, non-serious, non-sexual offenders to the legislation allowing equitable access to state-funded scholarship at 4-year institutions. This will raise awareness of the issue of mass incarceration in the United States and begin the start of unifying issues of black and brown oppression.

This Bill and its new piece of legislation will be presented during lame-duck session, which is in the beginning of January 2017.

Explore Chiapas!

Photo of Zapatistas Uprising!

January 1, 1994 – The arrival of the Zapatistas, and the takeover of the municipal hall in San Cristobal de las Casas.

On November 10th, the Latino Cultural center hosted a discussion about Chiapas, Mexico featuring speakers from Xanvil – a center that advocates for cultural and environmental preservation for the indigenous communities of Chiapas. Panelists included UIC Anthropology Professor Joel Palka, Xanvil founder Adriana Fabiola Sanchez, and Executive Director Ian Hollingshead. Panelists discussed some of their work and research into the rich cultural history of the region, inviting students to participate through upcoming study abroad opportunities.

A surprising moment in the program came when panelists presented a slideshow that included a famous Zapatista photograph by Antonio Turok, and visitors recognized it as the model for a scene, The Zapatistas, in the LCC mural “El Despertar de las Américas,” in which the watch marks the time set for the occupation of San Cristobal Municipal Hall.