Monthly archives: December, 2016

Mni Wiconi, Water is Life!

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On November 8th 2016, Water Protectors and allies gathered in at the LCC to share their first-hand accounts at Standing Rock. In the discussion, Professor Ehrman provided examples of how historically, communities of color have been advocating for environmental justice. Community members, Al Eastman and Janie Pochel (both indigenous peoples), explained the growing tensions between the US government and Native Tribes not being recognized as sovereign nations. This lack of recognition has led to the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), which in hand has led to the largest gathering of Indigenous Nations from across the world to set camp to protect Mother Earth. The discussion led to how technology has played such an important role, ally Michael Knudsen, shared how many major news organizations have not covered the ongoing struggle, he along with others have been documenting everyday actions. The website is called Sacred Stone Camp and gives first-hand accounts about the environmental risks and cultural threats moving crude oil presents to the Standing Rock Sioux and everyone along the pathway.

Save Sex Dialogue

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A group of UIC students partnered with the LCC recently to bring art and dialogue to the topic of reproductive justice. Since the recent election, these Museum and Exhibition Studies (AH 302) students have responded to concerns that the 100-year-old organization Planned Parenthood is at increased risk, posing a threat to reproductive health access across the country. Through their “Save Sex” art project, the students have collected objects and stories over the past month, using the material cultural objects and ephemera collected to spark storytelling and build understanding. In an Arts-Based Civic Dialogue hosted by the UIC Latino Cultural Center, participants then used their stories to work towards solutions that could protect access to sexual health services and products.