Monthly archives: January, 2017

Reimagining Masculinities Kickoff Spring 2017

Once again, The Reimagining Masculinity Initiative hit the ground running with its Bow Tie Making Workshop on January 24th, 2017 at the LCC. During the program, the audience was invited to tie a bowtie which would be customized by each individual to showcase their individuality. The bowtie was selected as the symbol for this initiative as it highlights the complexity of unboxing masculinity. Bowties, like masculinity, can be understood and created in different ways, and sometimes we need help understanding it. People are encouraged to bring their personalized bow ties to every dialogue to continue the conversation! Join us next month for Trap Yoga … yeah, this is an actual thing!

J18 Mobilizing with Art for Social Transformation

Teach! Organize! Resist! #J18

On Wednesday, January 18th, the Latino Cultural Center hosted a workshop that allowed members of UIC campus and the community  to come in and create posters with the purpose of protesting for social change. Among the many kinds of posters created, participants of the workshop created ones with messages of inclusion, access, equity and organizing.

Bresha Meadows Teach-In


On January 19, 2017, the UIC Women’s Leadership and Resource Center and Campus Advocacy Network hosted an event at the Latino Cultural Center about the case if Bresha Meadows. The 15-year-old Ohio native has been held for six months, charged with killing her father, but family members have pointed to evidence of repeated abuse as the motivation for self-defense. Many have pointed out race as an unequal element in the treatment of this case and others in situations of domestic abuse and defense. At this interactive program, WLRC/CAN staff invited participants to discuss the history of the criminal justice system, particularly with regard to treatment of minors and women of color, before reviewing the details of the case. After this event, Meadows attended a hearing on January 20th, resulting in the decision that she would leave jail to attend a treatment facility until the trial in May.

LCC Open House, Spring 2017

Spotlight Image for LCC Open House - Spring 2017

The Latino Cultural Center welcomes you back to UIC! We kicked off Syllabus Week by hosting our Open House on Wednesday, January 11th, 2017. Students, staff, and faculty visited the center, browsed through our beautiful archive collection, and participated in the LCC Trivia Raffle. The raffle winners were awarded with the limited edition LCC 40th Anniversary Cookbook. As winter continues to hit Chicago, we know how important it is to stay warm, and fortunately our cookbooks have 40 delicious recipes for warm caldos (stews) and other dishes. Make sure to pick up your cookbook today and share these wonderful recipes with your family this winter!