Interns 2013-2014

Ian Torres :

Ian Torres

Major: Communications
Minor: Latin American and Latino Studies
Year: Sophomore, Fall 2013

Sharanitha Sampath :

Sharanitha Sampath

Major: Biochemistry
Year: Junior, Fall 2013 to Spring 2014

Ariana Ojeda-Lemus :

Ariana Ojeda-Lemus

Major: Marketing
Year: Sophomore, Fall 2013

Ruben Bautista :

Ruben Bautista

Major: Double major in Economics and Political Science
Minor: Public Policy
Year: Sophomore, Fall 2013

Roxana Delgado :

Roxana Delgado

Major: Communications
Minor: Sociology
Year: Sophomore, Fall 2013 to Spring 2014
Student org leader intern: United Students Against Sweatshops (Fall 2013) and Ballet de Colores (Spring 2014)