CHema Skandal urn

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CHema Skandal is an artist whose work has a special flavor of cross-cultural influence: his roots in México and his newfound home in America, each culture vibing and feeding off the other over time. Music is at the heart of his work, reflected in his lively art, which reverberates with lyrical energy, with the feeling of a live show where everything is happening all at once. He considers his ancestral lineage of indigenous cultures mixed with European colonizers, further emphasizing the global universality of the desire to belong in one place or another, and to own space in the world.

His urn has a yellow background with bring colorful bursts and flowers. There are people interacting with one another, there are cute fat little bumblebees, and symbols of energy, sound, and movement. Skandal envisions the role of a social pollinator as one who takes different cultural elements and mixes them to influence others in the community and beyond. Art is a way to portray the living history of the now.




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