Chris Silva urn

image of urn painted by Chris Silva

(Click to see other side)

Chris Silva was born in Puerto Rico, but has been profoundly shaped by Chicago’s urban culture. From his solid graffiti art education he went on to play a significant role in the development of what is now commonly referred to as “street art.” He has painted prominent pieces all across the city, such as the mosaic at the California Blue Line station (2004), and the block-long murals in Chicago’s loop entitled “You Are Beautiful.” (2006).

His urn has black stripes interspersed with warm colors like oranges, yellows, and reds. He was inspired by the colors of the bumblebee, and as he started painting the color variation was also influenced by the colors of a sunset. In addition to the stripes there are flowers spray-painted onto the mural with stark angles to their stems and leaves. The flowers are like delicate purple poofs. The artist hoped to inspire a celebratory, joyful, visual experience for the viewer, whoever might be walking by.




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