Pablo Serrano urn

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Pablo Serrano is a Pilsen-based artist whose work has focused on using the creative potential of art to explore different aspects of citizenship, education, and politics. Constantly seeking to engage different members of the broader community about important questions and concerns through his art classes and art shows, he believes all forms of creativity are essential for making meaning in a complicated world.

His urn has a rainbow of colors swirling along in an angle, either up to the left or down to the right. The bursts of color are all in a squared shape, some short, some long and rectangular, each moving along the same diagonal angle. The colors break in on one another in a captivating way, each with a rich vibrancy behind it. Along the top edge of the urn is written “Creativity will set us free. A world 4 you and me.” Serrano believes being a social pollinator means believing your culture is alive. Especially as one grows older, it’s important to invest yourself in the evolution and growth of your culture: challenging what needs to be challenged, and affirming what needs to be affirmed.




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