Ricardo Gonzales urn

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Ricardo Gonzales is a teaching and working artist in Chicago, whose artwork celebrates, questions, and critiques various elements used to “brand” culture, such as popular iconography, externally imposed generalizations and tropes.

His urn features a colorful luchador next to a black-and-white painting of a woman named Lucy Parsons. Gears on the back of the urn are turned by brown hands. Gonzalez was inspired by the concept of cognitive thought, so the cogs symbolize how we turn our mental gears, and also symbolize labor itself as a valuable thing. The two (mental and physical) have come together to be a catalyst for ideas and change. The luchador represents a warrior, and Lucy Parsons was a social activist in Chicago, originally from Texas, who helped shape Chicago’s labor rights and social justice movements in the early 1900s.





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