Sam Kirk urn

image of urn painted by Sam Kirk

(Click to see other side)

Sam Kirk is a multicultural, multidisciplinary artist and cultural curator, born and raised on the south side of Chicago in a working class family. Her work is known for vibrant color palette, whimsical characters, and profound stories laced with optimism. As the lead curator of the Social Pollinators project, Kirk wanted to represent the Latino community across the Chicago region, bridging the divides of the segregated city to show Puerto Rican, Columbian, Mixed-race, etc. origins.

Her urn has bold black lines and the word Tlacololeros written on it. The imagery is based on an experience Kirk had in Pilsen, where she witnessed a gathering across the street from her house. Music drew her in to find a dance she’d never seen. The Tlacololeros dance from Guerrero, Mexico involves the whole community, as dancers go around the neighborhood getting others to join in, to spark mother nature and encourage the plants to grow.




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