Sandra Antongiorgi urn

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Sandra Antongiorgi is a Chicago-based artist whose works dot many diverse neighborhoods of this city. She was one of several artists who worked with Hector Duarte to create the LCC’s indoor mural back in 1996. She draws upon life experiences, power relationships, culture, boundaries, mysticism and spirituality. She is a champion of children’s rights and works to expose the damage caused by family violence, incarceration and systematic marginalization.

Her urn has a light blue background, with a prominent hummingbird flying through, with a halo around it. The bird is about to pollinate what looks like it could be a flower, but instead of petals there are many many eyes. On the other side of the urn there is a honeycomb pattern in varying warm-colored shades, referencing honeybee pollination. Antongiorgi wants artists and viewers to be more in tune with nature around them, to be more intuitive, as creatures of this natural world.




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