“Chocolate: Drink of Gods, Food of Mortals” – The Exhibit

What began as the favorite drink for the ancient Maya is now a popular and global commodity. The topic of cacao presents a unique opportunity to explore the relationship between culture, memory, food, and identity—from ancient Mesoamerica to the present. As a globally coveted indulgence, chocolate connects a wide web of people and cultures. Who doesn’t love chocolate?



The exhibit is organized into four sections:

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    Section 1: Chocolate’s Roots

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    Section 2: Chocolate Around the World

  • Image of Section 3

    Section 3: Chocolate in Chicago

  • Image of Section 4

    Section 4: Chocolate Today and Tomorrow

Chocolate: Drink of Gods, Food of Mortals – The Exhibit was displayed at the UIC Daley Library during 2015-2016, which was a culmination of a 2014-2015 yearlong series of public programming developed by the UIC Latino Cultural Center (LCC), in partnership with the Department of Anthropology, the Latin American and Latino Studies Program, and The National Museum of Mexican Art.

  • Chocolate is adored around the world, but it’s more than just a snack. From Aztec currency to global commodity, chocolate connects a wide web of people and cultures.
  • Check out this exhibit to learn about the history, environment, consumption, and social justice issues behind chocolate. Think about how chocolate connects to your life!


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What do you love about chocolate? How has chocolate connected to your life? Inspired by the success of our chocolate series, the UIC Latino Cultural Center is collecting recipes and stories about chocolate. Does your abuelita serve her famous mole with a particular spoon? Are there any objects, traditions, recipes and/or stories around chocolate in your family? Do you remember your first encounter with chocolate?

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