Section 2: Chocolate Around the World

This second section of the exhibit explores the ways Chocolate has increasingly reached around the globe. From transatlantic trade of the 16th century to today’s international global market, Chocolate has had an effect on many parts of the globe. It’s been absorbed into cultural practices as a food, a commodity, and a source of jobs. It’s been a tool for domination, and a way to retreat from the cares of the world. These themes have laid the foundation for Chocolate’s global presence today.

  • Image of Columbian Exchange

    Columbian Exchange

  • Image of Chocolate Pot

    Chocolate Pot

  • Image of French Children's Book Illustration

    French Children's Book Illustration

  • Image of Masson Chocolate Advertisement

    Masson Chocolate Advertisement

  • Image of Riquetta Chocolate Advertisement

    Riquetta Chocolate Advertisement

  • Image of Hot Chocolate Ladle

    Hot Chocolate Ladle

  • Women and Chocolate

    Women and Chocolate

  • Chocolate Box

    Chocolate Box

  • Image of Amul Chocolate Ad

    Amul Chocolate Ad

  • 21st Century Chocolate Production

    21st Century Chocolate Production

  • Image of Choco-Stories 2

    Choco-Stories Around the World

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