A Hub for Social Change

A Hub for Social Change

Where have you seen people of different cultures come together? What do we gain from public spaces that welcome diverse perspectives?

This scene represents the role of the Latino Cultural Center as a hub where UIC Latina/o students, all other students, faculty, staff, and neighboring communities meet to deepen their understanding about the cultural heritage of Latino communities and connections to other cultures. The LCC strives to help Latina/o students on campus shape a positive self-defined identity by linking their histories to contemporary life, engaging in intercultural dialogues, and supporting coalitions for positive social transformation.

In this scene, the LCC is situated in front of an open area (the UIC Quad) where people have traditionally congregated to celebrate, mobilize against injustices, socialize, or simply enjoy the outdoors during warm days. Plazas and markets are important public spaces in Latin American countries, and the artist draws parallels between the Zócalo of Mexico and the UIC Lecture Center Plaza. Inside the plaza, various ancient American cultures reunite, including the Maya and Aztecs from Mesoamerica, the Taínos from Puerto Rico, the Incas from the Andean region, the Polynesian culture of Easter Island off the shore of Chile, and various North American tribes. The message is that there is power in unity, and our cultural heritage can help us understand who we are, where we are in the present, and how we can shape a better future for others and ourselves.

For more information, see Mural Dialogues & Tours.

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