Global Citizen

Global Citizen

What traditional knowledge and practices help your family to live a sustainable lifestyle? What practices happen everyday in your home?

In this entryway, the artist connects different events that have disrupted and altered our cultural landscape. Urban destruction and rural deforestation are illustrated in parallel, emphasizing the connection between endangered human cultures and our natural world. Soaring in from the left is a 21st century Latina woman whose experiences, aspirations, and commitments make her a global citizen. She is taking advantage of her cultural resources by harnessing her bilingualism, mixed identities, transnational experiences and networks, and traditional knowledge to address environmental issues facing our planet. Diverse communities right here in Chicago are working for community development through sustainable initiatives, like establishing community gardens, reusing old materials for new artwork, and opening green businesses. Together as global citizens, we can use our many assets to mobilize and achieve a better world for ourselves, our families, and our earth.

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