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Ambassadors Group

The LCC Ambassadors hosting a meeting in the LCC gallery. They are on green tables with notes and food talking amongst themselves.


The Latino Cultural Center's Ambassadors Group was established in the Fall of 2011 to provide engaged support for the work and growth of the Latino Cultural Center (LCC). The Ambassadors represent a diverse group of UIC students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community members. The roles and responsibilities of the Ambassador Group include:

  • Advocate on behalf of the LCC’s mission within the University, Latino communities and around the City of Chicago.
  • Review goals set by the LCC Director for the new academic year.
  • Assist the LCC’s staff to identify and access resources in order to achieve LCC yearly goals.
  • Provide counsel on a variety of issues as sought out by LCC staff.
  • Share their expertise regarding: UIC, Latino communities, culture and arts community and the City of Chicago; local, national and global human rights issues; best practices for collaborative programming and student services; partnership ideas with a variety of stakeholders; scholarship on Latino issues; fundraising; and other relevant areas.
  • Attend LCC public events and functions when possible.



The Director of the LCC selects members for the Ambassadors Group. Each member shall serve a 2-year term, except for the initial group of which at least two thirds will serve for three years, thereby staggering the members. Terms are renewable for members that are engaged with LCC as described in the roles and responsibilities.


The Ambassadors Group meets in the Spring semester. The Director of the LCC is responsible to develop the agenda and facilitate the meeting. In addition, the Director will meet with individual Ambassadors to seek their specific expertise when needed.


The Ambassadors Group receives all LCC event announcements through emails. The Director of the LCC will maintain communication with the Ambassadors throughout the year as needed.

For more information, please contact Rosa Cabrera, Director at