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The Latino Cultural Center (LCC) advances its mission through programs and initiatives that feature cultural and artistic expressions, intercultural and civic dialogues, scholarly presentations, and first-voice stories. Our programs and initiatives draw on cultural heritage to address contemporary issues, connect cultural and environmental sustainability, and build partnerships across diverse students and communities for positive social change.

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Zona Abierta Icon

Zona Abierta (Open Zone) highlights the intersection of arts, humanities, science, culture and civic life with presentations by local, national and international artists, scholars and community leaders about pressing social issues affecting the lives of Latinos and Latin Americans while making connections to other communities.

Civic Cinema Icon

Civic Cinema shows documentary films to engage different voices on campus and neighboring communities in dialogue about pressing social issues. Documentaries are identified to link to academic research on campus and community concerns and leaders that are addressing these issues. A dialogue facilitated by these scholars and community experts follows each documentary film.

Noche De Poetas Icon

Noche de Poetas (Poetry Night) brings together students and community members from diverse backgrounds to share and compare their life experiences through their own poetic words. Each event is organized around a theme and features a poet from a local community. This program is in partnership with four student organizations: Mexican Students de Aztlán (MeSA), Students for the Advancement of Freedom, Equality and Human Rights (SAFEHR), Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), and Union for Puerto Rican Students (UPRS).

Telling Our Stories Icon

Telling Our Stories collects “first voice” stories about universal concerns that Latinos and people around the world share. From personal stories we can help understand each other, learn about creative solutions to solve common problems, and connect our aspirations and actions for a sustainable world.

ICON_SpecialProgramsSpecial Programs welcomes a wide arrange of public programs and events in collaboration with affiliated student organizations, faculty/staff, and our community partners. This includes our annual UIC Chicago Latino Film Festival every spring semester in partnership with the International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago.

Icon for ABC Dialogues

ABC Dialogues & Tours use the power of art to explore collective creative solutions for common challenges. Public art allows for a diversity of people to share their stories, concerns, and desires; and the LCC mural—”El Despertar de las Américas” (The Awakening of the Americas)—is a tool for doing this.

Artivism Icon

ARTivism supports creative practices to advance social and environmental justice. From student creatives to community artists, these art projects bring diverse people together to advance greater understanding of local issues and solutions they are using to improve community life.

Heritage Garden Icon

The UIC Heritage Garden is a hands-on learning project with an internship program where student interns work with faculty, staff and community members to connect horticulture with environmental sustainability, cultural diversity and social justice.

ICON for Reimagining Masculinities

The Reimagining Masculinities Initiative at UIC is a collaboration between the Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change that strives to cultivate, support, affirm, and create male allies and advocates. Through dialogues, films, workshops and personal stories, this initiative unpacks what it means to be masculine, and explores issues of masculinity and gender.