Noche de Poetas Archives

Noche de Poetas is the LCC’s longest-running public program series, shaped by generations of student voices at UIC! We’re currently working on creating an archive about this history at the LCC, by collecting photos, poems, oral histories, and other materials. There will be physical archives housed in the LCC office in addition to digital materials here soon. Would you like to share a story or contribute materials to the archives? Please fill out the form below or contact us at

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Noche History Questionnaire

Tell us your stories about the Noche de Poetas program at the UIC Latino Cultural Center, and your voice will join the archives to document our longest running public program series.
  • Were you involved with any student organizations at UIC? If so, which ones, in what roles, and for what years?
  • Were you involved with the LCC or other cultural centers at UIC? If so, which ones, what roles, and for what years?
    For example: special pictures, poems, sketches, videos, notes, or artwork
    It will join the LCC archives binders, and may be shown on the LCC website or contribute to future student research about the Noche community at UIC.