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Black Snake Warriors

On Wednesday, February 22nd, Tim Arroyo, who documented the continuing struggle of the Water Protectors in North Dakota, joined us at the Latino Cultural Center to talk about his experience on the front lines. Arroyo was called on by a friend who wanted him to document the stories of the people through his eyes. This was due to the lack of coverage the protests were receiving from mainstream media. During the presentation, Arroyo used visuals to talk about some of the events leading up to important incidents. The artist wove a tale through storytelling and imagery that provided a better understanding for attendees about the complex stories of Standing Rock, and the struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

In a sad twist of fate, the final camp was evicted from the Standing Rock area the same day as Arroyo’s presentation. However, the struggle has brought national consciousness to pipeline infrastructure in the United States, and the potential dangers to our natural and cultural fabric.

To support the water protectors continued struggle, check out their website where you can consider divesting from the banks behind DAPL or support direct legal fees. To find more of Arroyo’s work, check out his website here or the Black Snake Warriors photos can be seen here.'