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Presencia Michoacana 2016 at the LCC

Today, we had the honor of hosting Dr. Medardo Serna González, Rector (Chancellor) of the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo (UMSNH) of Morelia, Michoacán, México. In the top photo, Dr. González recognizes some plants in the UIC Heritage Garden satellite by Student Center East; and in the photo below it, LCC Director, Dr. Cabrera shares fresh picked basil with him from the garden.

The Federation of Michoacan Clubs in Illinois (La Federación de Clubes Michoacanos en Illinois – FEDECMI/Casa Michoacán) celebrated its program of activities under “Presencia Michoacana 2016” throughout the month of June. This celebration aimed to show and highlight the cultural and artisanal traditions of Michoacán Mexican identity and values ​​in general. As a special guest, Dr. González and his colleagues visited Chicago in hopes of kickstarting a transnational community project between UMSNH and FEDECMI/Casa Michoacán; part of this project would encourage Deferred Action (DACA) DREAMers to apply to study abroad programs at the UMSNH.

Moreover, Dr. González is currently working hard to gather funding resources to create conservation education programming for the local indigenous communities living by the over-wintering sites where the monarch butterflies take refuge.