Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence invites artists (sometimes from abroad) to engage UIC students and local communities to provide a transformative learning experience on contemporary issues through various forms of art.

  • Student Body - Antonio Martorell, Spring 2012

  • Outdoor Mural - Hector Duarte, Spring 2016

  • Ayotzinapa Art Installation - Piloto, Spring 2016

  • Image of painted urns in garden

    Social & Environmental Pollinators - 10 artists, Fall 2016

  • Art of Alebrijes - Carlos Orozco, Spring 2017

  • Image of Student Art

    Student Art Submissions, Spring 2017

  • Art of Political Cartoons - Eric J. Garcia, Fall 2017

  • Stolen Lives - Esperanza Gama, Fall 2017

  • Theatre of the Oppressed: Unpacking the Immigrant Journey - Teresa Veramendi, Fall 2017

  • Drawing of a fish looking at a toxic chef's menu, with a slogan for Environmental Justice below

    Primary Cartoons: Use Your Voting Power! - Vicko Alvarez, March 7, 2018

  • painting of the top of someone's head from the eyes up in blue and orange. There's a red bandana on the left side of their head and a green circle overhead

    Environmental Justice for Puerto Rico - Richard Santiago, Spring 2017