Monarch butterflys eating milkweed plants with green decorative streaks running across image

The Cultural Immersion in Monarchs & Milkweeds Advancing Science Education program (CIM2AS) aims to attract more Latinx students to science by weaving culturally relevant connections into science courses. It also aims to improve success for all students by connecting content from different science courses through the monarch and milkweed theme.

The Latino Cultural Center (LCC) engages with CIM2AS research interns through a curriculum dedicated to providing students with opportunities to build on their cultural assets and skills via culturally informed learning activities and dialogues to nourish their identities as scientists and researchers. The LCC also engages with CIM2AS instructors with opportunities to explore the role of culture in teaching and learning to develop culturally-relevant and inclusive learning modules.

CIM2AS is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation for Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs).