Climates of Inequality (COI)

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Climates of Inequality (COI) is a project of the Humanities Action Lab (HAL), a coalition of colleges and universities across the US and internationally partnering with environmental/climate organizations and cultural institutions on a national curriculum and public memory project.

Phase I was the creation of our local story Resisting Cycles of Environmental Injustice in La Villita through two courses from the Museum and Exhibition Studies (MUSE) Program taught by Dr. Rosa Cabrera, Director of the Latino Cultural Center. The students worked with community partners, Alianza Americas and the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization (LVEJO), who helped shape this local story alongside community members.

Phase II will be implemented in 2020-2021through a leadership cohort with the Humanities Action Lab (HAL) to establish Climates of Inequality and the COVID Crisis: Building Leadership at Minority Serving Institutions, a national initiative to build infrastructure for minority-serving colleges and universities (MSIs) to foster public humanities climate leaders in a world changed by COVID-19.

Climates of Inequality is supported by Rutgers University’s School of Arts and Sciences-Newark; the Humanities Action Lab’s university partners and their local funders; Express Newark; and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.