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Getting Our Flowers – Mutual Aid

Mutual aid is the radical act of caring for each other while working to change the world. It simultaneously builds movement and addresses survival conditions. Mutual aid isn’t just that we help each other. We help each other based on a shared recognition that the systems aren’t delivering what we need. Mutual aid asks that we simultaneously build a movement to address the root causes of the crisis we’re in. Mutual aid is something everyone can do right now.

Dean Spade

What are some issues you’re passionate about and would like to address through mutual aid projects as a way to support your community? Heading link

“Education systems are not designed to promote sustainability of self or community. In my theater department, I am advocating for a student-focused forum that is a place for unearthing injustices, healing from trauma, and enstating wellness practices and culture as we learn.”


“Asking for help or directions from someone. It’s a scary thing to do but no one gets harmed in doing it.”


“I am very passionate about helping historically marginalized students/resident in my campus housing community. Through my RA job title I aim to have students empower each other through discussions of empathy and aid available to them.”


“I started babysitting jobs again so talking about mutual aid reminds me of families who may not be able to afford a babysitter. I would love to better connect with the communities around me by babysitting for families who need one, but can’t afford one. Collective childcare reminds me of my mom + when she was a teen mom.”


“Supporting queer and trans people of color through a mental health industrial complex. Making sure our community is able to be advocated and cared for when they are unable and asking for help. Also thinking about access to arts as a healing practice and getting together with our neighbors in McKinley Park to create a series of workshops at the intersection of art, activism, environmental justice, and neighbor care.”


“Water justice, affordability, and rights. Although I have not personally struggled with this issue I know so many have which have lead me to chose civil engineering. With one machine ITech it can change a community/city/town.”


“As someone who came to the U.S. when I was young, I’m very passionate about helping other learn English skills + providing legal aid. So often, families have to rely on their young english-speaking family members to do those services; however it would be to provide english speaking practice.”


“Mutual aid to me is helping communities when the system harm them. These projects provide foundation and security to people and offer ways to avoid conflicts created by the system. One type of mutual aid I would like to do is creating temporary homes for homeless people as housing is a universal right.”


“Helping lower income groups have access to better healthcare.”